All Week Pass
Tickets - $50
All weekend & every show
2pm - Saturday Oct 15
Tickets - $20
Hey Hey & Co
Holmes Athletics Canada
True Hamiltonian
Fashion Designers On The Rise
7pm - Saturday Oct 15
Tickets - $20
Rachael Warner
LIDIJA Ready To Wear
Lexynelle Reveur
Kreamy Glam
2pm - Sunday Oct 16***
Tickets - $20
Wallace Playford
Engaged Fashions
The Feminine Emporium
7pm - Sunday Oct 16
Tickets - $20
Candice Gowans
Tanisha Kirk
Mia Parese
LIDIJA Art Collection
All shows will be hosted at Digital Canaries Studios | 520 Burlington Street East, Hamilton; on the actual sets from popular tv shows and movies.

*** The Sunday afternoon show will be performed on 2 different sets. The Jailhouse Set and the Sit Com Set.

TICKETS Week Pass - $50 Saturday Afternoon - $20 Saturday Night - $20 Sunday Afternoon - $20 Sunday Night - $20

HFW Photoshoot Series At Digital Canaries Studios
Digital Canaries Studios is offering a chance of a lifetime for local fashion professionals. Leading up to Hamilton Fashion Week, Digital Canaries is offering an opportunity for professionals to use the studios for photoshoots in the incredible sets used in many popular tv shows and movies. Please c...
Building The Local Fashion Industry

Hamilton Fashion Week (HFW) is a not for profit organization that has the main objective of building the local fashion industry. After the great success of the inaugural 2014 Hamilton Fashion Week it has become apparent that local fashion industry needs a stimulus in order to thrive and there is ...

Buy Canadian Fashion

There has been a phenomenon of Buying Local.  It is now the trendy thing to do.  People are buying locally grown foods and using as many locally manufactured goods as possible.  Unfortunately the fashion business has been left out of this.  There is a stigma against buying loc...

Ken Biehler

Ken is proud to have the honor of being the chairperson for Hamilton Fashion Week. Ken's goal is to do things right with Hamilton Fashion Week. There is a great opportunity for the region and the country to grow the fashion industry but some significant steps must be taken. Canadians need to chan...

Krystal Biehler

Krystal is the quiet leader of Hamilton Fashion Week.  Most of the ideas of building the local fashion community through HFW have been cultivated by Krystal.  Even though she is humble by nature her opinions are strong and she has a vast network within the local industry.

Krystal is respons...

Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore is our Media Manager for Hamilton Fashion Week, she is the main contact person/ or liaison for any media inquiry She works closely with the Ken & Krystal to ensure each project/event...
Maggie Mae Taylor
Maggie Mae Taylor is a Hamilton born model signed to Elite Model Management and is stepping onto the acting scene. Maggie is taking time out of her busy schedule to offer her experience and expertise to be the Production Manager of Hamilton Fashion Week.
Photo by Kevin Patrick Robbins


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